National Fire Service School - Portugal (ENB)

The ENB (National Fire Service  School - Portugal) is the training and certification entity for the training of firefighters in Portugal

Their vast experience gives it an undeniable formative credibility that is made available to firefighters, civil protection agents as well as public and private entities through the Service Center for Institutions and Companies

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Training and improvement of skills in management of emergency response operations, with real world exercises in a virtual reality environment, in different scenarios of variable complexity.

Virtual simulation is performed using XVR Simulation Software.

The virtual environment of the simulator allows training decision-making in scenarios in which technical complexity and risk to the safety of the operators themselves do not allow or discourage their reproduction in a real environment (e.g. residential fires, industrial and manufacturing facilities fires, traffic accidents with hazardous materials, mass casualty incidents, etc.).

The CSRV consists of:

> Two virtual environment immersion rooms;

>Five simulation cabins to perform specific functions in the same virtual scenario;

>An Operational Command Post (with a planning room, an operations and logistics room and a communications room);

&gtTwo Exercises Direction Rooms.


The training and practical exercises carried out in the CSRV have as general objectives:

  • Develop operational management skills in emergency situations;
  • Implement and evaluate emergency plans;
  • Test operational procedures;
  • Evaluate the decision-making in emergency situations;
  • Improve operational coordination;
  • Train all levels of intervention (from maneuver to strategy);


  • Firefighters and other civil & help protection agents;
  • Municipal civil protection/emergency management services;
  • Security forces;
  • Companies employees with emergency management responsibilities ;
  • Crisis management teams

Scenarios and exercises can be adapted to the work environment of trainees.

Given the availability of information regarding the activity of the recipients and the intended objectives, we can build a training proposal with specific exercises.


These training actions are intended for groups with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 participants. We do not have individual registrations.


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Rua Dr. António Macieira - Quinta do Anjinho
São Pedro de Penaferrim
2710-689 Sintra


Phone: +351 219 239 048
Skype: ENB Serviços


Monday to Friday
from 9 AM to 6 PM


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